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Little Carlos Came

Carlos came to Japan on October 4, 1992 by All Nippon Airways flight 39. Nurse Adachi and I went to the airport to meet with the family. From the first impressions, we knew that they were a very nice family. His elder sister, Jessica (seven years old) was a little lovely girl and I was assured by the parent’s warm love to their children. We found out later that total travel time was over 25 hours from Ciudad Juarez to Itami Airport. They were tired. We took them from Itami to Hachijo-guchi by limousine bus, then to Sanjyo-Karasuma Hotel by taxi.

Hospitalization on October 5. Examinations took place on the 5th and 6th. The results were more serious than anticipated. The CT and MRI records we had received before were those that had been taken prior to surgery. The cysts of the lesions were broken during previous surgery. The operation given in the U.S. had caused the lymphatic malformation cysts with a gossamer-thin lining to fragment, and the lesions extended to his tongue. The initial prediction of 10 days of hospitalization was not enough to get the job done.

One session of treatment requires a month of hospitalization. Several sessions are needed for the complete treatment. We decided to have Carlos stay in Japan for two sessions and have him go back to Mexico until the next. The two sessions were held on October 7 and 12, with therapy on the region of the left neck and the left jaw.

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