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Dr.Shuhei Ogita

In 1986 Dr. Shuhei Ogita, a pediatric surgeon of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, found OK-432 therapy, where OK-432 (tradename: Picibanil), which was then being used as an anti-cancer drug, is injected into the cyst and it reduces the size of, or completely removes the lymphatic malformation. Since its initial use, OK-432 therapy has become highly commended as success stories increased and further research promoted its effect. OK-432 therapy soon became a standard treatment procedure for lymphatic malformations in Japan.

Reason why Dr. Ogita started to assist the patient from overseas

Because OK-432 was not distributed outside Japan and Taiwan, the only way to receive therapy was if one traveled to Japan. In addition, expenses to receive the OK-432 therapy also required a full month of accommodations per session of treatment - full treatment requiring several sessions. Wanting to help children from abroad unable to receive the OK-432 therapy due to financial difficulties, Dr. Ogita established the "Little Carlos Fund" (named after the patient from which the fund was established) in September 1992 to help raise funds for these children. (As to the details, please refer to the next article: Presentation "Together with Little Carlos".)

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