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To Houston

El Paso was 1,000 km away from Houston. Geraldo chartered a small jet to transport Carlos to Houston. However, due to storms and tornadoes, Carlos finally arrived in Houston six days after birth. The arrival was during the night. An examination immediately followed after being carried in by an ambulance from the airport. Two days later, Dr. Bloss gave detailed explanation of the conditions.

On July 29, 1991, 10 days following birth, the first surgical operation to secure respiration took place. It was a surgical operation on the windpipe. A hole was opened on the trachea and a tube was inserted into it. After coming out from the anesthesia, it was found that milk could not pass through the gullet. The esophagus was compressed by the lymphatic malformations and his tongue came out of his mouth. Another operation took place on the digestive system. Endoscopic gastrostomy was added to open a hole on the stomach to directly insert a tube into it.

On August 6, one week following these initial procedures, an operation on the lymphatic malformation was done. Dr. Bloss attempted to surgically excise the lymphatic malformations、but the cysts could not be completely excised, due to the danger of affecting the blood vessels and nerves of the surrounding area. Dr. Bloss decided to make a re-operation eight months later.

I would like to share with you a joke of sarcasm Geraldo told Mr. Nakai of the Mainichi Newspaper.

“In Mexico, there is a proverb that reads, ‘Children bring a piece of cake,’ which means children carry wealth and fortune with them. However, he has eaten the cake we own.”

August 6, 1991 was the starting day when Carlos was eating up all of the cake his parents had. However, this is something not to be blamed because, at this time, lymphatic malformation’s first choice of treatment was surgical excision.

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