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I want to be of some help

“I want to be of some help, but how?” Therefore, I quickly went to talk with the Administration Office of the university about these matters. Unfortunately, there was not a system of patients for clinical study any more. There were also no such funds or endowments in Kyoto Prefecture or in Kyoto City to support children from foreign countries coming over to Japan for medical treatment.

A solution to the problem came from a very familiar place. I do not usually carry matters of my business into my household. However, I explained the details of Little Carlos to my wife. As a result, I found that for some reason my wife had been making contributions to such social welfare groups as the “UNICEF・atttn: Tetsuko Kuroyanagi” and “Little Yuino Nomura Fund”.

Some of you may remember the “Little Yuino Nomura Fund”, and she was a patient of our hospital diagnosed as congenital biliary atresia who had to go to Australia to receive a liver transplant.

When Japanese children went to foreign countries to receive special treatment, should not the Japanese people assist foreign children to come to Japan for special medical procedures?

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