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Little Carlos fund in the newspapers

Through such course of events, the news on the Little Carlos Fund was first made in the morning paper of the Kyoto Newspaper on September 22, 1992 by Mr. Ichiro Kawamura, a news writer in its Social Section. Thereafter, the story of Little Carlos was covered with kind comments by many newspapers: Messrs. Manabu Urakubo and Kimio Kamoshida of the Mainichi Newspaper, Mr. Tomohiro Murayama of the Asahi Newspaper, and Ms. Tomoko Takemura of the Yomiuri Newspaper, to name a few of them.

The article met with a public response. Many warm donations were made. I would like to share some words from these kind people.

“I am currently unemployed, but would like to donate some money canceling the planned outing.”

There was an anonymous letter put in my mailbox along with 200,000 yen: “My child was fortunately saved at the Children’s Research Hospital. Thanks to public benefits, there was little financial burden on us. I would like to donate some money as if I paid the medical bill of my child.”

Another letter: “My grandchild, nine years of age, died a short life due to lymphocytic leukemia at your hospital. Day after day, a sad day follows leaving pain in my heart. Everyone did all what he/she could do to fight illness, but we are still left with much regret. We have been wondering if there is more that could have been done to save my grandchild. We would not like to experience these feelings any more. Please save Little Carlos.”

Among these messages, a letter that really made me happy was the one saying “To Little Carlos that suffers from the same disease…Dr. Ogita please make your best effort to save him.” It was from the parent of unsuccessful patient of mine. Many donations came from within our university as well.

Nurse Adachi of the intensive care unit of the Children’s Research Hospital had lived in Bolivia for two years as a member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers. She volunteered her services as Spanish language interpreter. Students of the Spanish Research Group of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies also worked as volunteer interpreters. The nurses and Chief Nurse Nishiki of the Fourth Ward of the Children’s Hospital put together a collection of common and useful questions and answers in Spanish.

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